News reporting and analysis

Madelaine Drohan has been the Canada correspondent for The Economist since February 2006, writing on Canadian national issues, business, and finance for a global audience. She writes regularly for the Economist Intelligence Unit. Her reporting and analysis of economic and business events of national and international import has also appeared in The Financial Times of London, the online version of The Globe and Mail, and the Money section of, the online news site of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Her commentaries are based on experience gained in more than 30 years of reporting on politics, business and economics for The Globe and Mail, the Financial Post, Macleans magazine, and the Canadian Press, in Canada and abroad. Some of her recent work can be found under Selected Writing.

Editing and research

In addition to her news reporting and analysis, Madelaine Drohan does research, editing and writing of longer studies for the Economist Intelligence Unit, which is part of the Economist Group. These cover national topics, such as country forecasts and reports on Canada, as well as international matters, such as the state of anti-corruption initiatives in the private sector. She is the author of The 9 Habits of Highly Successful Resource Economies: Lessons for Canada, a research report that she wrote in 2012 for the Canadian International Council. She was the lead editor on a report by Rights and Democracy titled Human Rights Impact Assessment. The report was a three-year initiative to draft a way of measuring the impact of companies on the human rights of communities. She also edited a series of reports written by the Centre for Dialogue and Research in Somalia which formed part of an economic survey of Somalia funded by the UNDP.

Media Training

Since 2000, Madelaine Drohan has written and conducted training workshops for journalists in Africa and Asia. The workshops cover investigative journalism, plus business and economic writing. They are done in partnership with local media organizations and financed by a variety of governments and institutions. Further details on the workshops can be found under Media Training and also in Madelaine Drohan's resume


Madelaine Drohan does occasional speaking engagements, when she considers the topic relevant to the work she has done. Interested parties should contact her directly using the details under Contact.

Bilingual Biography

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Experience and education


2016-2019 Senior fellow, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa
2015-2016 Prime Ministers of Canada Fellowship, Public Policy Forum
2004-2005 Media fellow, Chumir Foundation, Calgary AB
2004-2005 Journalist-in-residence Carleton University Ottawa
2004 Ottawa Book Award
2001 Hyman Solomon Award for Excellence in Public Policy Journalism, Public Policy Forum, Ottawa ON
1998-1999 Reuters Fellowship, Oxford University, Oxford UK


1974-1977 Ryerson University Toronto -- Bachelor of Journalism
1982-1983 Canadian Securities Institute -- Securities Course
1984 University of Western Ontario -- Economics for Journalists
1985 Laval University, Quebec -- French immersion summer session
1999-2001 Alliance Francaise, Ottawa -- French improvement


2006- Economist correspondent, research fellow, media trainer

Ms Drohan has been the Canada correspondent for The Economist since February 2006. In 2007 and 2008 she wrote regular online columns for The Globe and Mail and She delivered media workshops for senior journalists in Thailand and Rwanda. The last of the workshops trained Thai journalists to deliver the training themselves. In 2012 she researched and wrote The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Resource Economies for the Canadian International Council. In 2016 she researched and wrote Does Serious Journalism Have a Future in Canada? as a fellow at the Public Policy Forum. In 2016 she became a senior fellow at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa.

2004-2005 Media trainer, public speaker, freelance writer

Ms Drohan wrote on business, economics and politics for a number of publications, including The Economist, The Globe and Mail, Walrus Magazine and The Toronto Star. She conducted media training workshops in Thailand and Zambia in the spring of 2004, followed by workshops in Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya in 2005, financed by the Canadian department of Foreign Affairs. The topic of her Chumir Foundation research was: Will the Post-Enron Momentum for Better Corporate Governance be Continued? She spoke regularly on her current research and that done for her book: Making a Killing: How and why corporations use armed force, published in the US in 2004 by The Lyons Press. As journalist-in-residence at Carleton University, she worked with journalism students.

2001-2003 Research, writing and media training

With the aid of a research grant from the MacArthur Foundation in Chicago, Ms Drohan researched and wrote a book on the corporate use of armed force, making numerous field trips to Africa. She left her full-time job at The Globe and Mail in 2001 in order to pursue this work. In 2001 and 2002, she conducted media workshops in Zambia, jointly sponsored by the Canadian, American and British missions. In 2003, she did the first in a series of media workshops in Thailand on investigative journalism.

1991-1998 Foreign correspondent

In this period, Ms Drohan was European business correspondent for The Globe and Mail newspaper, covering business, economics and politics at a time of momentous change: the European Union was forming, Eastern Europe was converting from communism to capitalism, and Britain was moving from a Conservative to a Labour government. She covered elections in Britain, Spain, Italy, France and Poland, followed the world trade talks from beginning to end, and reported on resource developments in Africa and Russia. At the end of her London posting, she spent an academic year at Oxford on a Reuters Fellowship. In the years 1977-1990, she worked for several major Canadian media organizations in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, covering politics, finance and business.


Training Workshop

Michael Rose, Prangtip Daorueng, Madelaine Drohan
Thailand 2006

Book Research

Offshore Oil Platform,
Niger Delta 2000.

Economist Canada Summit

Toronto 2015